Yes – Kathy Griffin Was Turned Away From The Golden Globes: Fact-Check

This story is being squashed by the mainstream media, so we had to do a deep dive into our Hollywood sources to get the real scoop.

ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheludah was on-scene with Melissa Rivers and Tonya Harding for an all-inclusive look at the fashion behind the Globes when an unbelievable turn of events happened right behind them. In Ms. Rivers’ own words, “Kathy Griffin was being tossed out on her ass.”

The Golden Globes International Committee LLC decided to reject Griffin’s re-application for membership, a formality the organization uses if it wants to eject a member. Brendan Fraser and Tom Cruise know the story there. Typically, however, the celebrity is informed so they don’t show up ready to rock only to be left standing in an embarrassing situation while Jennifer Aniston tries not to cry.

The footage captured by Tetheldah’s team was confiscated by the event team as “licensed material” since it happened inside the constraints of the red carpet or adjacent sidewalk, per the Screen Actor’s Guild Collective Bargaining Agreement. They can’t tell the witnesses not to say what they saw, however, and plenty of people, including Aniston, Jensen Ackles, and John Larroquette all took to social media to talk about their “feelings.”

Perhaps the hardest hit was Alyssa Milano, who wept so hard she had to leave. This reporter tried desperately to comfort her and get a whiff of her hair but she was too upset and said I was “creepy and have a weird beard.” The offer always stands, Alyssa. I’m here for you. Always.

None of that helped Griffin, who had no choice in the matter but to turn and leave. She stopped to give Whoopi Goldberg a hug and went on her way, most likely to drown her sorrows at Milano’s house to wait for the after-party. Boy would they be in for a surprise.

God bless the Golden Globes for standing its ground, God Bless Alyssa Milano and screw you if you don’t like it, and God Bless America.

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