Clint Eastwood Crucifies Snarky Brat Alyssa Milano on Twitter: “Grow Up, You’re 50”

Clint Eastwood could be pushing 100 years outdated, however he’s nonetheless bought it. The getting old icon doesn’t use social media fairly often, however when he does, it’s an impressive factor to behold. When the grasp of codgery aw that Alyssa Milano was appearing like a spoiled toddler once more, he referred to as her out:

“Pay attention, younger girl. There’s a time and a spot for ‘activism’ and it ain’t right here and now. Develop up, you’re 50.”It’s true. Milano was born on December 19, 1972, which suggests whereas she’s nonetheless smokin’ scorching, she’s no spring hen. Perhaps it’s time to cease appearing like a little bit woman.

Milano’s response was fairly typical. “Simply shut the f*ck up, Boomers,” she mentioned, “you cultists wish to faux the world is in your aspect. It’s not. Folks with some huge cash preserve the best’s bullhonkey politics related, in any other case, all these outdated Caucasian douchebags can be out on their asses.”

She positive does have robust opinions. It’s unlucky for her that lower than 4 % of People agree together with her. “She has the bottom approval ranking of any celeb in historical past,” mentioned Ben Shapiro,” and that’s a reality.” Charlie Kirk concurred, making it a basic consensus amongst non-boomer instruments.

So that is what occurs while you mess with Clint Eastwood. Even when he’s half a century older than you.

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