Classic video of Jerry Lewis dancing the “Jitterbug” gets over 8 million views

Jerry Lewis was a 1920s icon.
The world-renowned star was known for his acting, directing, writing, and comedy.
He was also a really great dancer.
His skillful comedy has made him the stuff of legends regarding telethons and talk shows.

Lewis became such a star that he earned not one, but two stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
After living a fulfilling life of acting, comedy, and philanthropy, Jerry Lewis died at his home in Las Vegas in 2017.
Even after his death, Lewis is still an icon for philanthropy and entertainment with thousands of his videos still circulating online.
He was so successful he went on to star in several films for Paramount Pictures.
But today, we’re celebrating Jerry’s “Jitterbug”.

In the film, Live It Up, Jerry Lewis and notorious partner Dean Martin performed the routine of their lives.
Jerry, playing Homer Flagg, explains that he wants to participate in the competition by dancing the Jitterbug.
Dr. Steve Harris, played by Dean Martin, is patiently expecting the worst.
Well, Homer can’t really dance.

Little did he know just what a treat he was in for because his best pal Homer had serious rhythm.
The movie scene begins as the announcer states that it’s time for the final dance of the Jitterbug contest.
Homer rushes to the dance floor asking permission to join in the competition.
The crowd enthusiastically welcomes Homer to the contest while his friend Harris shouts out “No!”
It’s a scene of nostalgia.

Homer is one lucky guy because he gets to dance alongside the reigning Jitterbug champion, Sheree North.
They’re footloose and fancy-free.
In addition to the duo’s impeccable rhythm and moves, these folks are getting a full workout in.
That’s some serious cardio they’re doing. Who needs the gym when you can just dance your way to weight loss?
Dancing is way more fun than the gym, anyways. Right?

Jerry’s full talent is on display.
With a series of shakes, twirls, and leaps, this duo is showcasing some serious dance skill.
It looks like Jerry Lewis will need to have the phrase professional dancer added to his bio.
We can’t help but wonder how many hours of practice went into filming this incredible dance scene. He’s making it look too easy.

As with many partner-type dances, the duo must split while they momentarily switch partners.
Luckily for Homer, his new partner appears to be quite a talented dancer, as well.
She even has serious strength.
She’s able to carry him on her back without a second thought.
This girl has quite a strong torso, she’s able to balance a full-grown man on her back while continuing to dance.
That may be the most impressive move of the performance yet.

In addition to his near-perfect dance moves, Lewis keeps his comedic demeanor intact.
Look at him go!
He makes comedic dancing look far easier than it probably is. Dancing, being funny, and acting all at the same time can’t be an easy feat.
See Jerry Lewis rocket his character “Homer Flagg” to stardom with the Jitterbug in the video below!
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