Kind Waiter Sat And Listened To Lonely 91-Yr-Old Veteran On His Break, And Then Paid For His Meal

When a 91-year-old veteran shared with his waiter that he was alone now and didn’t often have someone to talk to, the kind waiter sat with and listened to him during his break and even paid for his meal.

Lisa Meilander was eating dinner with her family at Eat’n Park restaurant in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, when she overheard an elderly man speaking with their waiter, Dylan Tetil, at a booth nearby.
“The elderly gentleman was seated in the booth directly across from my family as we ate dinner Saturday night at Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon,” Lisa shared in a post online. “We really didn’t see him come in, but we did notice when our server, Dylan, dropped to one knee to look him eye-to-eye as he got ready to take his order.”
Photo credit: Lisa Meilander
The 91-year-old elderly man apologized for not hearing too well, and explained that he had lost his hearing during the war. As Dylan patiently listened, the older gentleman shared how he was alone now and wasn’t often able to speak with anybody.

“The man apologized for not hearing too well. He had forgotten to put in his hearing aids. He talked about how he lost his hearing during his time in the war. He was 91 years old with many stories to tell. Dylan patiently listened giving him his full attention. Eventually the man apologized for talking so much. “I’m alone now,” he said, “and I don’t often have someone to talk to.” Dylan smiled and said he enjoyed listening. He then helped him figure out what to order and left to take it to the kitchen. It was a touching sight.”
Moved by the elderly man’s story and also by Dylan’s kind attitude, Lisa wanted to pay for his meal, but before she could, another gentleman seated at a booth nearby asked Dylan to bring him the veteran’s check. But unknown to Lisa and to the man asking for the check, Dylan had already himself paid for the veteran’s meal.
“I wanted to offer to pay for the man’s dinner, but before I could flag down Dylan, a man seated at a nearby booth asked Dylan to bring him his check. “Someone’s already taken care of it,” Dylan smiled. I guess we weren’t the only ones eavesdropping on the conversation.”
Once Dylan brought the veteran his meal, he mentioned how his break was starting and he asked if he could sit with the gentleman and continue talking with him as he ate: compassionately responding to the elderly man’s need for someone to talk with as he felt alone.
“After the man received his food, Dylan came back to say he was on a break. He asked if he could sit with the gentleman as he ate. As we left the restaurant, the two of them were conversing and many people seated nearby were smiling. It was a touching sight.”
Photo credit: Lisa Meilander
“With all of the negative stories about our youth today this was a breath of fresh air. I wonder if I would have been as kind and attentive if I were the one working there. One thing’s for sure, if you are ever at Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon, ask for Dylan. If he’s your waiter, you’re certain to get great service.”
You are Loved.

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