Someone is putting up the funniest signs – and the puns are priceless!

Funny road signs have managed to attract passers-by in Colorado for several years. This is possible thanks to the “puntastic” signboard in Colorado managed by Vince – The Sign Guy and Indian Hills.

The road signs have gained a cult following for their memorable one-liners, puns, and cheeky jokes. These signs make modern-day wisdom meet age-old comedy, and the result will surely make you giggle. Vince’s imagination finally managed to get his small town, Indian Hills, on the map.

Vince’s great sense of humor could be understood from the signboard puns he put on a signboard in the Indian Hill community in Colorado. The first signboard message was, “Without freedom of speech, we would not know who the idiots are.” This message speaks a lot about what Vince wanted to convey to people passing by.

The recent situation where people were asked to wear masks worldwide was also hilariously conveyed in a message by Vince. He nicely used words to signify the issues faced by people who wore glasses. His message was, “If you have to wear both mask and glasses, you may be entitled to condensation.”

Nowadays, great thinkers of our time have put numerous efforts into making people understand the reason for better communication. Vince also gives his humorous views on this aspect, “If you get locked out, talk to the lock calmly; communication is the key.”

Some road signs would make passers-by think twice about the slogans written. For e.g., this one that said, “Oxygen and Magnesium are dating! OMG.” O meant the chemical symbol for Oxygen, and Mg was the chemical symbol for Magnesium. Thus, giving people something to think about while they travel.

Vince confessed that it was therapy for him and helped him bond with many fans. Some of his fans even submit jokes online, hoping these would feature on Vince’s Colorado signboard.

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