Kind-hearted woman adopted a boy, that no one wanted to adopt: see what he looks like now.

Nicky thought that she was really lucky, because she had a loving husband and a daughter. Although the girl was born in her first marriage, her second husband was a great man, who not only accepted her child, but loved her like his own daughter and supported her in every step of the way.

The only thing Nicky couldn’t stop thinking about was her childhood dream. Since she was a little girl she knew, that she would want to adopt a child, once she grew up. The girl was fascinated by the idea of helping someone, who didn’t have a chance of being adopted.

She was scared to break down the news to her husband, but eventually she did, and was glad to hear that he was on board with the adoption plan.

“We must have seen thousand of profiles, before we picked Ruslam. We realised at once, that that was our kid.”

Rustam was born with a huge number of malformations. His mother abandoned him, as soon as she saw him. Even though, she was the only one to be blamed for this. Unhealthy lifestyle she was leading spoiled al the chances for a normal and healthy life for the boy.

The boy had congenital facial features, he could not eat on his own, and even though the doctors did everything possible to restore the boy’s face, he had to be fed through a tube. In addition, Rustam did not speak at all and lagged behind in development. A child was also born with one leg.

Nicky admitted, that when she saw the child for the first time, she was not afraid. She immediately began to think about how she and her husband could help him.

“Only for a second, the thought “What have we done?” flashed through, and then I began to think rational again– after all, so much had to be done…” Nicky said.

Exactly one year has passed since the adoption. Step by step new parents taught their son to live a normal life: like to walk on crutches, and then on a prosthesis, to speak. The child did a lot of work with a speech therapist, and now others may understand his speech very well.

Nicky says that at first, the people around and the children were wary of Rustam and laughed at him. They were afraid to play with him on the same playground and shunned the unusual boy.
At some point, Nicky decided to create an account on Instagram and tell the world about her son. She began to upload his photos and share interesting moments from their lives.
Rustam’s page quickly became popular. The media became interested in the boy’s story, and Nicky and his son began to be invited to various television programs. That has shifted the public opinion to the good side.

Nicky teaches her son not to be ashamed of his appearance and tries to explain to him that the main thing in a person is the soul.

Rustam has a lot of things ahead, but his loving family will always be there and will always support him.

“He is our happiness,” says Nicky about her beloved boy.

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